Level Up Your Gaming Apps with an Open Data Stack

Astra DB empowers gaming developers with flexibility, scalability, and security to build apps faster
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The gaming industry’s largest sector is mobile gaming. Within that category, hyper-casual games – simple, lightweight, easy to build and play – are especially appealing to both gamers and developers.

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But developers face roadblocks to delivering the next hyper-casual gaming craze. From lack of scale to slow updates of player information, these issues can impact competitive advantage.

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DataStax’s Astra DB, the serverless, open source DBaaS built on Apache Cassandra®, helps game developers accelerate deployment and provide a satisfying, real-time player experience. Learn how Astra DB can enable rich gaming experiences for mobile, social and cloud gaming platforms.

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  • Choice of APIs and clouds

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing

  • Strong security

  • Management of diverse gaming data

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