VMware delivers a common operating environment across on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud services. VMware provides the easiest path to hyperconverged infrastructure and hybrid cloud with VMware vSAN making it easy to extend existing virtualization investments and improve business agility while managing complexity, cost, and risk.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Ready

Deploy VMware applications spanning VMware Cloud and on-premises data centers

  • Application and data visibility across public and private clouds
  • Seamless portability while protecting existing investments for your business needs
  • Deploy any app to any cloud—optimizing performance, cost, and service needs
Enterprise-Grade Availability

Built-in high availability, full-stack policy-based management, and automatic provisioning

  • Failure and site-level protection with stretched clusters across sites and availability zones
  • Instantly scale on-premises or to the cloud for predictable performance and cost-efficiencies
  • Built-in global replication and disaster recovery
Simplified Management

Avoid cloud lock-in with a single interface for end-to-end security and unified management

  • Metrics and alerts for your entire app stack to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot issues
  • Consistent processes and tooling across your data center and clouds
  • Migrate and modernize your VMware applications without refactoring

How to Execute a VMware Hybrid Cloud Deployment with DataStax Enterprise

Watch the video to see how easy it is to get up and running in your data center or the VMware Cloud with DataStax and VMware using the tools your team is used to.

Combine the benefits of VMware vSAN Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) and VMware Cloud with the performance, scale, and data management of DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra™, built on Apache Cassandra.

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VMware and DataStax are central components of our platform. Having the option for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments will further guarantee the resiliency and uptime customers have come to expect from us.

Rune Birkemose Jakobsen

Senior Development Manager, MobilePay

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Explore DataStax and VMware integration and design

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DataStax Enterprise on VMware vSAN™ Deployment Options

Organizations are leveraging modern data platforms, such as Apache Cassandra™, to power new products and services across industries. For example, Cassandra empowers retailers to provide an omnichannel shopping experience with tailored customer experiences in real-time. However, the implementation and ongoing management operations can be a significant barrier to adoption. Organizations are betting their growth on distributed technologies, and they want a scalable full-stack solution that is always available, secure, and simple to deploy and manage. VMware® and DataStax have partnered to build a hybrid and multi-cloud solution designed to meet the data and availability requirements of the most demanding applications with built-in high availability and failure protection across availability zones, regions, data centers, and clouds in three of the four largest public cloud providers: Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM, as well as a rich ecosystem of hundreds of public cloud providers globally.

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Running DataStax Enterprise in VMware Cloud and Hybrid Environments

To simplify deploying and managing modern applications, enterprises have been combining the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) with the performance and scale of a NoSQL database — and the results have been remarkable. With this combination, IT organizations have experienced more agility, improved reliability, and better application performance. Watch this on-demand webinar where you’ll learn specifically how VMware HCI with DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and Apache Cassandra™ are transforming the enterprise.

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DataStax Enterprise on VMware Cloud for Hybrid Deployments

Customers have been using VMware with DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra on premises for years. In 2018, we jointly launched a breakthrough in the VSAN architecture which enabled storage to be pinned to its compute node. In this talk we'll provide a review of those breakthroughs and performance results as well as insight into how easily this can now be applied to VMware Cloud to enable a seamless cloud migration and hybrid cloud strategy for our joint customers. We'll also provide detailed performance, scale, failover, and operational test results.

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