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Host-Pinning for Next-gen Apps using Shared-nothing Architectures

VMware and DataStax have validated DataStax Enterprise (DSE) on VMware vSAN™.

VMware vSAN combines the benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure with the performance and scale of DataStax Enterprise, built on Apache Cassandra. Referred to as Host-Affinity (introduced in vSAN 6.7), this policy offers customers additional flexibility to configure vSAN data placement and replication specific to the application that has been deployed. Host Affinity delegates replication to DataStax Enterprise, while maintaining data locality with DataStax Enterprise compute. The Host Affinity policy is available in addition to standard vSAN replication policies and intended to offer customers choice of deployment based on their criticality, uptime and maintenance requirements.

DataStax Enterprise on VMware VSAN

This high-level solution brief provides an overview of the benefits customers see when running DSE on VSAN 6.7 with host affinity

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