Simplify and Accelerate Modern Application Development

DataStax on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) delivers production-certified Apache Cassandra™ and expert support to minimize risk and optimize costs so you can focus on innovation.


Simplify Database Management

Seamlessly deploy, scale, and manage your database with web-hosted and client-side tools and integrated billing, and only pay for what you use—with no upfront costs—through the GCP Marketplace.


Accelerate Application Development

Whether you’re new to Cassandra or an experienced user, you’ll appreciate the easy-to-use development tools that can be deployed with a click of a button.


Eliminate Administrative Overhead

Automated backups, patches, and upgrades and AI-powered monitoring, including cluster health, storage capacity, read/write latency—all with Google Cloud support so you can manage and log support tickets in one place.

DataStax Is Uniquely Suited for the Cloud

Over 60% of DataStax customer deployments are in the public cloud

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Google Cloud Platform and DataStax News!

Google Cloud Next '19, Google Cloud Platform's biggest event of the year, kicked off with some awesome news for the open source community, and DataStax Enterprise was front and center. DataStax has been selected as one of Google Cloud’s first “Database as a Service” (DBaaS) offerings as part of their OSS Managed Partner Services Initiative. What is it? And what does it mean for developers looking to accelerate their hybrid and multi-cloud deployments? Listen to this podcast to find out more!

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Migrating 500 Nodes from Rackspace to Google Cloud with Zero Downtime

METRONOM, a multinational B2B Supermarket, migrated round 80 clusters with over 500 nodes from Rackspace in the UK to Google Cloud in Belgium, saving money and surviving Brexit. This is the story of how we managed this with zero production downtime, the problems and solutions we encountered on the way. An example of using Cassandra DCs to migrate data across geographical boundaries.

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Why Your Enterprise Needs a Cloud Strategy

David Waugh, SVP of Market Development at DataStax talks about Hybrid-Cloud Strategy and uncovers the truth about hybrid-cloud deployments and hybrid databases — aren’t they synonymous? Find out in this podcast!

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