DataStax Continues Momentum in Q3 FY23 with Strong Demand for its Astra DB Cloud Database as a Service

New and Expanded Customer Commitments with Credit Sesame, MegaZebra, Napster Music, and More Drove Nearly 300% Growth in Astra DB ARR

On November 30, 2022

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Nov. 30, 2022 – DataStax, the real-time data company, today announced a strong Q3 FY23 marked by strategic collaborations, ecosystem expansion, and continued technical innovations that enhance the performance of real-time data systems all built on trusted open source technologies. 


The company maintained a nearly 120% net dollar expansion and over 90% gross dollar retention year-over-year, as organizations from high-growth start-ups to global enterprises  continue to build their real-time applications on Astra DB - the company’s  NoSQL cloud database as a service built on Apache Cassandra® - and DataStax Enterprise to build applications fast and scale without limits.


Operating with speed and scale is a business imperative and many organizations are making real-time data a strategic focus, as those that do are 2.3X more likely to experience a “transformative impact” on revenue1. In Q3, Astra DB customer consumption data grew 44% quarter-over-quarter, showcasing the strong demand for the flexibility and performance of the real-time cloud database that delivers any data, any time, at scale.


“We are seeing robust growth as organizations look to mobilize data in real time to engage their customers, streamline operations, and accelerate business,” said Chet Kapoor, DataStax chairman and CEO. “Today’s businesses must navigate an unpredictable market, with pressure to deliver results faster than ever. Astra DB provides our customers with the resilience and flexibility they need, and it enables them to scale up and down as their demands evolve, without being locked in to a single cloud vendor. This environment requires a product built for speed with uncomplicated fluidity, which is a core tenet across our products, and one that satisfies and delights our customers time and time again.”


“At MegaZebra, we’re focused on crafting high-quality entertainment for our players, which means that we require fast, dependable technologies to fuel the gaming experiences that make our players feel like the heroes they are,” said Henning Kosmack, CEO, MegaZebra. “Keeping track of over 100 million players, and billions of games played, requires a tremendous amount of infrastructure and resources. We recently migrated to Astra DB and we’ve already seen a reduction in the time spent managing the complexity of Cassandra – while it’s the most powerful database, it can be temperamental if you don’t lavish attention on it. We looked to DataStax because it is at the top of its game when it comes to providing a managed Cassandra service with heroic reliability, performance, and scalability.”


Globally, new DataStax customers increased by 67% year-over-year, including the addition of organizations like Innominds Software Inc., AJ ICT Co., Ltd, Broadleaf Co, Sparkers Data Company SA, Shield AI Technologies, Fintek Karya Nusantara, PrepLadder, Yonderland Bidco BV, Corvid Protect Holdings, Whatfix, Omnilogy SP, Aviso, QAware GmbH, Herbon Ltd. Theta Lake, Kollective Technology, Chargetrip BV, Logate, and more.


“We collaborate with DataStax experts to continually fine-tune our Apache Cassandra environment, enabling us to confidently deliver on our promise to clients for greater speed, scale, and cost-efficiency,” said Danilo Misovic, Product Lead, Logate.Our strategic alignment helps solve complex database architecture challenges with optimized, geo-distributed clusters that ensure zero downtime and high performance for large volumes of data.” 


DataStax Q3 FY23 Highlights: Innovations and Ecosystem Expansion


In its fiscal Q3, DataStax signed new partnerships and collaborations, delivered new technologies, and launched its annual research report, “The State of the Data Race,” which found that real-time data is a “must-have” and leads to increased revenue growth and improved developer productivity. Announcements include:




1The State of the Data Race 2022, August 2022, 


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