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With Change Data Capture (CDC) for Astra DB, you can now derive real-time value from your Astra DB data source. From strengthening data recovery solutions to easily building real-time data pipelines, CDC for Astra DB can help enterprises in many ways.

CDC for Astra DBCDC for Astra DB
CDC for Astra DB

No-ops CDC ready to connect

Astra Streaming is simple to use. Just enable CDC on one or more of your Astra DB tables and changes will start flowing into Astra Streaming automatically.

Infinite scalability at high speeds

CDC for Astra DB is purpose-built to keep up with the extreme demands you place on your Astra database. With CDC for Astra DB, you can build high volume, low latency data pipelines that perform at the levels you need.

Connect your whole ecosystem

CDC for Astra DB enables you to send data changes in real time throughout your entire ecosystem. With a wide range of connectors to data warehouses, messaging systems, data lakes as well as client libraries, you can easily send your data wherever it needs to go in real time.

Build Real-time Data Pipelines using CDC for Astra DB

Event-Driven Microservices

Microservice architectures create loose couplings between data and applications and offer greater development agility. In such architectures, service-to-service communication can lead to brittleness that can result in cascading failures, which in turn impact the reliability of your business operations. Using CDC for Astra DB to invoke other microservices in response to a data change event in one microservice domain can strengthen the overall reliability of your microservice architecture.

Updating Search Index or Analytical Workloads

In situations when you need advanced searching and indexing for the data stored in Astra DB you can use CDC for Astra DB to stream the change events to a search engine like ElasticSearch, and provide a delightful discovery experience for your customers; or to a real-time analytics system and enable insightful decisions at the speed of data.

Analytics Dashboards

Push data from Astra DB into data warehousing and analytics platforms such as Snowflake for real time reporting and dashboards.

CDC For Astra DB Pricing

CDC for Astra DB provides the ability to capture changes in instances of Astra DB and publish them to a message topic in Astra Streaming. Using CDC for Astra DB inherently uses Astra Streaming, and Astra Streaming costs will be incurred separately as a result of enabling CDC for Astra DB.

Metering Details


CDC Reads

A “CDC Read Request Unit” (RRU) is the unit of measure for billing CDC reads.

It is based on the payload of each read query response.

CDC for Astra DB performs a database read for each CDC enabled write. These reads are reflected on the bill as CDC Read Request Units.

A CDC Read Request that returns up to 4KB of data is considered an RRU. If the request returns more than 4KB of data, additional CDC RRUs are required.

Metering Unit Rates




CDC Reads (per 1M)



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Change Data Capture (CDC) with Astra DB Now Makes Building Your Own Real-Time Data Pipeline Easy
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