DataStax Astra DB Features

Serverless Database Built on Apache Cassandra®

Scale database resources in and out on demand to match application requirements and traffic so that you pay only for what you use. Put the power of Cassandra in the hands of every developer without ever worrying about managing the infrastructure.

Lower Your Costs

Stop sizing for peak or average workloads! Pay as you go, based on usage or lock in savings with a commitment. Get the power of a serverless Cassandra in your budget.


Auto scale based on traffic and application requirements. Compute and storage are separated enabling apps to scale infinitely or scale down to zero automatically.

Simplify Operations

Deploy faster by avoiding infrastructure configuration changes. Eliminate the guesswork on storage and compute needs of future applications.

Global Scale

Put your data where you need it without compromising performance, availability or accessibility

  • Data replication across multiple data centers, availability zones, and multi-region
  • Scale-up to petabytes of data without impacting performance
  • The Astra service is resilient and highly available to minimize both downtime and the need for site-reliability engineering

Astra DB enables reads and writes to multiple cloud regions. Some say it’s the worldliest database around.

Astra Features: Global Scale

End-to-End Security

Astra DB is built securely from the ground up

  • All data is encrypted at rest (BYOK supported) and in motion
  • Sophisticated authentication and authorization with role based access
  • SAML SSO integration with identity provider (IdP)
  • Client connections use two-way certificate validation for VPN-level security from client to database
  • Private connectivity options like VPC peering and Private Link
  • JSON web token(JWT) based authentication to ensure secure connectivity to your Astra DB database
Astra Features: Enterprise Security

No Operations

Eliminate the overhead to install, operate, and scale Cassandra

  • Fully managed database and OS updates and upgrades
  • IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) failures handled gracefully by K8s operator to keep databases healthy
  • Eliminate anti-entropy repair procedures
  • Auto scaling eliminates manual configuration changes and guesswork on database sizing
Astra Features: No operations

Stargate APIs

Use powerful APIs that you already know to query Astra DB

  • Create modern data applications without a schema using the Document API
  • Eliminate drivers and reduce the need to learn CQL by exchanging data with easy-to-use APIs
  • Drive adoption of cloud-native architectures using a microservices and API first approach
Astra Features: Stargate APIs

Zero Lock-In

  • Deploy on AWS, GCP and Azure and maintain compatibility with open-source Cassandra
  • Retain data sovereignty to meet country-specific regulations


  • Bulk data loading and integrated stream processing ensure data portability
  • API compatibility and consistent developer tools with Apache Cassandra

Freedom of Choice

Microsoft Azure
GCP Logo
Amazon Web Services

Advanced CI/CD

  • Serverless Autoscaling
  • Command Line Interface
  • HashiCorp Terraform Provider
  • REST DevOps API
Advanced CI/CD

Easy Migrations

Thinking about migrating an existing Cassandra app to Astra DB? Let us generate a personalized sizing and TCO analysis for you.

Learn More

Astra DB Features: Easy MigrationsWhen you’re ready, we’ll live migrate your app to Astra DB using Cloud Gate, our Live Migration Proxy.

When you’re ready, we’ll live migrate your app to Astra DB using Cloud Gate, our Live Migration Proxy.

Relational Indexes

Unlock new levels of indexing capabilities that were never before possible in Apache Cassandra with Storage Attached Indexing (SAI). A highly scalable, globally-distributed index for Cassandra, now available on Astra DB.

Astra Features: Relational Indexes

Forget normalizing! Create any table you want. Write to just that table, and query it any way you want. Queries are no longer restricted by your primary key!


Once you create your table, just use CREATE CUSTOM INDEX ... USING 'StorageAttachedIndex' DDL commands to define one or more SAI indexes on the table.

Create custom index

Once the index has been created, it is simply a matter of querying the table and specifying the SAI-indexed columns.

Query Table

Multi-cloud DBaaS built on Apache Cassandra®