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DataStax Advanced Security

DataStax Enterprise Advanced Security Features


Unified Authentication

Validate user identity via Kerberos, Active Directory, and LDAP mechanisms.


Data Auditing

Track all user activity, including login attempts on your DSE cluster.


Permission Management

Use GRANT/REVOKE paradigm and Active Directory/LDAP to assign access permissions.

Advanced Security for the Right-Now Enterprise

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Advanced Security fortifies the DSE data layer to protect customer data against potential harm from either deliberate attackers or user error with a uniform security model across database, search, analytics, and graph.

With advanced mechanisms like authentication and authorization, transparent data encryption, and auditing, DSE Advanced Security enables you to prevent unauthorized access and cyber threats in real time and meet ever-changing regulatory requirements.

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Achieving Data Security and Compliance with DSE

DSE Advanced Security

Empowers enterprises with advanced security capabilities that provide fine-grained user and access controls to keep their application data protected and increase compliance to lower business risk.


Minimize Risk

Unified authentication, parameterized statements, and SSL-enabled drivers allow you to minimize risk exposure, increase transparency and control, and prevent things like SQL Injection attacks.


Achieve Granular Access Control

Client-to-node encryption, node-to-node encryption, and transparent data encryption, combined with the ability to easily manage user permissions, ensure no improper access to data.


Ensure Compliance

Enhanced data auditing and reporting along with end-to-end encryption and redaction of sensitive application data enable you to easily comply with regulatory standards like PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

DataStax Software Security Assurance

Learn more about the best practices and procedures DataStax has in place to improve product security.


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DataStax: Security Beyond Apache Cassandra™

Learn about the the advanced security capabilities that DSE offers to safeguard customer data.

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Data Security and Payment Cards: Compliance for Always-On Data at Scale

Learn about the different data security regulations and what you need to do to comply with them.

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Case Study

Surescripts delivers authenticated prescriptions with an always-on data layer

Learn how Surescripts, a leading provider of clinical transactions, delivers authenticated prescriptions and achieves compliance with DataStax.

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