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DataStax Enterprise Advanced Security
Protect your business and achieve compliance
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DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Advanced Security fortifies the DSE data platform to protect customer data against potential harm from either deliberate attackers or user error with a uniform security model across database, analytics, and search; advanced mechanisms covering authentication and authorization; transparent data encryption; and auditing. DSE Advanced Security enables you to identify and respond to data threats in real time and meet compliance.
DSE Advanced Security
Simplify User Authentication
Internal and external authentication enables you to easily create users with RDBMS-style syntax
and integrate DSE into your infrastructure via Kerberos, LDAP, and Active Directory support.
Achieve Granular Access Control
Easily manage permissions, track all user activity (including login attempts), and
encrypt data in-flight and at-rest to prevent unauthorized data access and data breach
attempts in real time.
Enhance Data Auditing
Track and log all user activity on your database to detect any suspicious activity early on and
meet industry compliance requirements and regulations.
DataStax Software Security Assurance
Learn more about the best practices and procedures
DataStax has in place to improve product security
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  • Sony supports 100+ Million PlayStation 4 users, maintaining user authentication and entitlements with DataStax Enterprise. “The horizontal scalability allowed us to handle the PS4's fast-growing user base.”
    - Dustin Pham, Staff Software Engineer at Sony Network Entertainment International
  • Surescripts delivers authenticated e-prescriptions with encrypted data and auditing capabilities of DSE. “As the single largest provider of clinical transactions, we must behave in a reliable fashion and can’t afford downtime. DataStax enabled us … with a well-managed approach.”
    – Keith Willard, Chief Architect, Surescripts
  • Internet Identity, an InfoBlox company, adds clarity to cyberthreat intelligence by distilling threat data from thousands of trusted sources. “The fact that DataStax integrated these core elements with the scalability and capabilities and 24x7 support was enormous....”
    – Jason Atlas, VP Engineering, Internet Identity
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