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DataStax Enterprise Graph

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Graph is a distributed graph database that is optimized for enterprise applications–Zero downtime, fast traversals at scale, and analysis of complex, related datasets in real time.

Graph Powered Insights

Fully integrated real-time search and analytics that allow you to derive powerful insights from graph data.

Graph Your Way

True multi-model platform—real-time Gremlin query language or CQL and offline Apache Spark allow you to create graph applications easily.

Graph Available Always

Proven distributed graph platform provides continuous availability and unmatched scalability spanning multiple data centers.

Discover the Relationships Between Your Data

DSE Graph enables you to identify and analyze hidden relationships between connected data and build powerful modern applications for real-time use cases: fraud detection, customer 360, social networks, IoT, and recommendation systems.

Optimized for storing billions of items and their relationships, DSE Graph incorporates all the enterprise-class capabilities of DataStax Enterprise, including continuous availability; linear scalability; advanced security; analytics and full-text search; visual management and monitoring; and a tools suite for developers.


Why Graph?

Read this white paper to learn the uses cases for graph databases and how graph databases work.

Graph Use Cases

Understand the relationships between your connected data to power some of the most critical use cases.

Detect and Prevent Fraud

Expose the hidden fraud networks threatening your business with real-time insights from your connected data.

Drive Customer 360

Consolidate and connect data from every interaction and touchpoint to gain a single, holistic customer view.

Provide Personalized Recommendations

Correlate customer, store, and product data to create hyper-personalized customer experiences.

"MissionGraph™ is a powerful and innovative open-architecture platform for making sense of messy data landscapes and finding unknown connections among an enterprise’s entities. Key to our architecture are DataStax Enterprise, and DataStax Enterprise Graph which enable us to fuse two of the most powerful technologies for handling the disparate forms of information we analyze. With them, we deliver contextual, distributed, always-on data management and cutting-edge analysis at scale for our clients’ most critical business questions.”

Adam Judelson Deloitte

Graph Developers

DataStax has many offerings for the graph developer community.

We have programs, tools, and initiatives you can explore including our online education platform DataStax Academy, our work with the Apache Software Foundation and the Apache TinkerPop™ project, graph developer tools like DataStax Studio, and DataStax Developer community initiatives you can subscribe to and check out: bootcamps, meetups, podcasts, and more.

Test drive a DataStax Labs version of our next generation DataStax Graph

Apache TinkerPop™

The Gremlin Graph Traversal Machine and Language

TinkerPop is an open source graph computing framework for graph databases and graph analytic systems. It is centered around the Gremlin graph query language, which provides users the ability to express complex graph traversals over their property graphs for both real-time (OLTP) and analytic (OLAP) workloads. Gremlin has support for a variety of programming languages, including Java, Groovy, .NET, JavaScript, and Python, giving users the comfort of working with graphs in their native programming language.

Free DataStax Enterprise Graph Training on DataStax Academy

Accelerate your DataStax Enterprise Graph and Gremlin coding skills by joining the community on DataStax Academy and taking free hands-on learning courses.

DataStax Graph Practice

The DataStax Graph Practice utilizes a customer-first approach and is designed to help solve your distributed graph problems with DSE Graph. The team works collaboratively to connect our customers around the world with established best practices for building distributed graph applications. They are available to help you navigate the evolving graph landscape and extract the most value from the relationships in your data.

The Practitioner's Guide to Graph Data

DataStax Authors Share how to Apply Graph Thinking and Graph Technologies to Solve Complex Problems


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