DataStax Enterprise OpsCenter

Large-Scale Operations... on Autopilot

Make your database management and monitoring as simple as the push of a button to increase operational simplicity and productivity and reduce operational overhead.

Operational Simplicity

Eliminate operational headaches with automatic backups, reduced manual operations, and rapid performance issue detection.

Clear Visibility

Easily spot outliers and performance bottlenecks via customized dashboards with real-time and historical system metrics.

Enterprise-Ready For Anything

Automatic failover and fine-grained roles and permissions ensure always-on, integrated, and secure management and monitoring.


DataStax OpsCenter is an easy-to-use visual management and monitoring solution enabling administrators, architects, and developers to quickly provision, monitor, and maintain DataStax Enterprise (DSE) clusters, which are built on the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™.

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Simplifying Data Management

DataStax OpsCenter is an easy-to-use visual management and monitoring solution for DataStax Enterprise (DSE), the always-on data layer for real-time applications. With OpsCenter, you can quickly provision, upgrade, monitor, backup/restore, and manage your DSE clusters with little to no expertise.

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Key Features

Automated Data Synchronization

DSE NodeSync significantly reduces manual repair operations and eliminates manual repair-related cluster outages, resulting in lower operational cost and shorter support cycles. OpsCenter provides a user-friendly view of NodeSync operations for easy monitoring and troubleshooting.

Full And Continuous Backups

Our backup service delivers full backup and disaster recovery protection for DSE clusters, including the ability to visually schedule the backup and restore of hundreds of nodes at a point in time, visually monitor backup and restore tasks, and clone database clusters.

Seamless Enterprise Integration

A comprehensive set of OpsCenter RESTful APIs allows you to easily provision, monitor, and execute maintenance tasks using your favorite scripting language and integrate powerful functionality into your existing tools and workflows.

Simplified Upgrades

Upgrade Service in OpsCenter LifeCycle Manager enables you to perform patch upgrades of DSE clusters at the data center, rack, or node level with up to 60% less manual involvement. You can easily clone your existing config profile to ensure compatibility with DSE upgrades, which is key for running business-critical applications.

End-To-End Performance Visibility

Performance Service collects key metrics to assess the health of DSE nodes, stores them, and makes them accessible visually or via command-line tools, allowing you to capture granular statistics at the system, user, or statement level and provide context-specific recommendations to resolve performance bottlenecks.

Comprehensive Cluster Health Management

Our Best Practice Service periodically scans database clusters and automatically detects and reports issues that threaten the cluster’s security, availability, or performance. Our Capacity Service accumulates and analyzes cluster health and resource utilization metrics to help you understand cluster performance over time as well as predict future usage and growth.


DSE NodeSync: Operational Simplicity at its Best

We’ve got something really special for administrators in DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6: DSE NodeSync, designed with operational simplicity in mind, can virtually eliminate manual efforts required to run repair operations in a DataStax cluster.

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