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Case Study

Case Study: Source Ninja

 SourceNinja aims to be the leading resource for all information about open source software and updates for anyone who works with the model – from individual developers to large enterprises. The Sunnyvale, California-based company, which was founded in 2011, monitors and tracks all open source software versions across all platforms to identify third-party libraries that are out of date and prevent problems in applications that use open source.

“We want to help open source developers save time and money and avoid potential legal problems by notifying them when updates are released or problems occur,” explains Matt Stump, SourceNinja’s chief technology officer.”Issues that SourceNinja can help to prevent include license changes, security vulnerabilities, and performance problems.”

Anyone working with open source software knows that staying apprised of the latest updates can be an arduous task.”Tracking packages takes a lot of time,” says Stump.”The results of doing it on your own aren’t always the best, and by the time you’re done, you have to start all over again.” He adds that even large enterprises struggle to keep pace with open source updates.”That’s why we started SourceNinja.”

Lines and Dots

Having DataStax Enterprise embedded with Solr means a lot of work is taken away and transitioning to NoSQL is much simpler. I get all the performance, scalability, reliability, and redundancy of NoSQL, but also keep a really powerful query language.

Matt Stump