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Case Study: i2O Water

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“Cassandra really stood out in handling time-series data at scale. We looked at other options, but by far and away Cassandra had the best reputation and
the best performance.”

Mike Williams IT and Software Director i2O Water

i2O Water Tackles Water Crisis with Apache Cassandra™

Industry: Utility

i2O Water provides intelligent solutions for water utility companies around the world, to help solve water leakage problem in the distribution systems, to save water. Read to learn about their mission to solve the water crisis by helping utility companies operate more efficiently through the use of Internet of Things (IOT) technology built on Apache Cassandra.


  • Unable to handle massive volumes of time-series data (1.5 TB and growing)
  • Need to search and analyze high velocity, streaming data in near real time
  • Rigid data model of SQL Server can result in massive loss in performance
  • Can’t ensure 100% uptime across data centers and clouds


  • Apache Cassandra as a distributed data store purpose built for IOT and time-series data
  • Ability to handle structured and unstructured real-time streaming data
  • Masterless architecture ensures continuous availability and reliability
  • Predictable scalability that can scale in and out according to business needs


  • High performance: 50,000 – 60,000 writes per second and 20,000-40,000 reads per second
  • 235 millions of liters of water saved every day, and growing
  • Able to handle massive volumes of data from over 15,000 devices globally without latency or downtime
  • Fault tolerance delivers continuous uptime even during upgrades and node failures