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Case Study: FamilySearch

Case Study FamilySearchDownload the FamilySearch Case Study

“We have experienced a tremendous response from customers as the Family Tree application exploded in popularity. However, in order to deliver a great customer experience, we needed a more scalable database that could prevent downtime and allow us to deliver even more features for our users.”

-Michael Nelson, Software Development Manager, FamilySearch

FamilySearch Delivers a Powerful Online Customer Experience with DataStax to Connect Relatives Across Generations

Industry: Genealogy

FamilySearch, the leading family history organization, selected DataStax Enterprise to accelerate user growth and provide powerful online customer experiences with faster response times, high availability and no database downtime. Since implementing DataStax Enterprise, FamilySearch can focus on building and improving its applications to focus on its mission to connect families across generations.


  • Existing database technology could not scale in a cost-effective manner
  • Anticipated 10-100x more usage of site over next three years
  • Deliver seamless customer experience through database transition


  • Selected DataStax Enterprise as its distributed, responsive and intelligent foundation
  • Masterless architecture of DSE ensures high availability and no downtime
  • Worked with DataStax to develop its own framework for creating new applications


  • Customers experience faster response times, high availability and no database downtime
  • Routinely serve 125 million transactions per hour during peak usage
  • Ability to bring new capabilities to market like Record Hints