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Case Study: Healthx

Healthx wanted a certified Apache Cassandra™ database for managing real-time data, so it turned to DataStax – and become one of the first companies to use DataStax Enterprise 2.0.

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“We really like the integration with Solr. We get the full redundancy that you’d expect out of Cassandra as well as the full text indexing of Solr. The two things together make a win.” -Scott McPheeters, HealthX

Company: Healthx

Overview: Healthx develops and manages online portals and applications for the healthcare market that help support strategic activities such as enrollment, reporting, claims management, and business intelligence. Formed in 1998, the privately held company has grown rapidly over the past 14 years to become the healthcare industry’s leading developer of self-service communication and data integration portals for more than 130 payers and 39,000 groups.

Data Size: 1 3-node cluster

Challenge: Healthx looked to improve the text search process of its provider directory system, and explore other ways to enhance the user experience through more efficient search capabilities.

Solution: DataStax Enterprise, a fully integrated big data platform for managing real-time, analytic, and enterprise search data all in the same database, which is powered by Apache Cassandra™ software and features continuously available Apache Hadoop™ and powerful search support with Apache Solr™.