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Case Study: Hulu

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“With Cassandra, it managed to handle the load, it’s very reliable, it allows range queries without limitations, and it’s easy to maintain. It’s night and day compared to HBase.”

– Andres Rangel Senior Software Development Lead Hulu

Hulu Relies on Cassandra to Stream Video to More Than 6 Million Subscribers without Interruption

Industry: Digital Media

The massive increase in the usage of multiple devices, particularly mobile, to provide real-time access to content has fueled the growth of video streaming services like Hulu. As the number of devices and subscribers to Hulu’s service increases, so does the volume of user-generated data, which adds enormous stress on an application infrastructure not built to support this level of data load and velocity of scale. Read to find out how Hulu relies on Apache Cassandra to deliver engaging streaming service to more than 6 million subscribers.


  • Scale challenges created by a fast growing user base
  • The need to ensure 100% up time of the application
  • Small team managing a large system


  • Apache Cassandra for linear scale
  • Multi-data center replication and no single point of failure for 100% uptime
  • Operational simplicity


  • More than doubled subscriber-base in two years
  • Primary Cassandra cluster consists of 32 nodes split between two data centers
  • Stores several billion rows with approximately 1TB of unreplicated data per data center