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IHS Markit

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“DataStax Enterprise and Microsoft Azure help us collect, validate, and distribute almost a full terabyte of content and convert it to value for our customers.”

– Graham Lammers, Director Product Development and Delivery, IHS Markit

IHS Markit

Industry: Publishing

From daily operations to global strategy, IHS Markit provides insight and services to Fortune 500 enterprises across business lines that include aerospace, automotive, energy, and technology. The IHS Markit technology line delivers full lifecycle services, analytics and data—from silicon fabrication and consumer-connected devices to enterprise IT, medical devices, manufacturing automation, and a teardown and cost modeling practice.


  • Provide mission-critical support across the entire IHS Markit technology line and for a customer base that includes leading electronics companies and a diverse set of roles and practices
  • Enable IHS Markit customers to quickly and accurately identify alternate component sources, optimize spend on components, identify preferred manufacturers, and leverage alternate parts for optimal use, pricing, and status
  • Create better customer experiences and meet complex customer needs


  • Selected DataStax Enterprise for flexibility, performance, and scalability
  • Worked with DataStax to build data model to help unify and streamline database into Parts Content Factory
  • Uses search and data-visualization capabilities into DataStax Enterprise to generate fast query results and real-time business analyses
  • Runs DataStax Enterprise on Microsoft Azure cloud platform


  • Reliable performance increases revenue opportunities
  • Database team can do more in less time at lower cost
  • Focus on business innovation instead of system maintenance
  • Leapfrog capabilities, deliver more value, keep pace with business