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Kelsey Hightower
E4 Kelsey Hightower, Principal Engineer at Google Cloud Platform

What can we learn from cloud-native development and how can we share that with developers, engineers, product owners, and product managers of the new world? Sam Ramji interviews open source innovators who are shaping the future of open source data, open source software, data on Kubernetes, data in DevOps, data in AI, and much more.

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Rachel Chalmers

Culture and Cognition in DevOps with Alchemist Accelerator’s Rachel Chalmers

With Guest: Rachel Chalmers, Partner at Alchemist Accelerator

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Matt Asay

Open Source Sustainability with AWS Exec + Tech Columnist Matt Asay

With Guest: Matt Asay, Cloud and Open Source executive at AWS

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Patricia Boswell

Storytelling in Product Development with Google’s Patricia Boswell

With Guest: Patricia Boswell, Staff Technical Writer at Google

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Sam Ramji

Introducing Open||Source||Data with Sam Ramji

With Host: Sam Ramji, Chief Strategy Officer at DataStax

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Lachlan Evenson
Coming November 12 E5

A Conversation with Microsoft's Lachlan Evenson

With Guest: Lachlan Evenson, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

Stephen Jacobs
Coming November 25 E6

A Conversation With Stephen Jacobs of Open@RT

With Guest: Stephen Jacobs, Director at Open@RT

Podcast Guests

Sam Ramji is Chief Strategy Officer at DataStax. Sam led Kubernetes and DevOps product management for Google Cloud, founded the Cloud Foundry foundation, has helped build two multi-billion dollar markets (API Management at Apigee and Enterprise Service Bus at BEA Systems) and redefined Microsoft’s open source and Linux strategy from “extinguish” to “embrace”. He is nerdy about open source, platform economics, middleware, and cloud computing with an emphasis on developer experience and enterprise software. 

Sam continues to build and create friendships through group discussions, fire-side chats, and 1:1 talks. Listen-in on the conversations on all the goodness of open source. There’s a wealth of knowledge Sam is eager to share.

Continuous Intelligence: Expert Discussion

How Microsoft went from "Linux is a cancer." to "Microsoft Loves Linux."

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