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Adding a Graph Database to Legacy Applications

Dave Bechberger returns to the show to discuss what you should be thinking about when adding graph databases to legacy applications, and to take us to school on being production ready.


0:15 - Patrick and Dave talk about legacy applications, technical debt and the importance of continued learning

1:42 - modernizing an application for a new use case involves assessment of which parts of the application are the best fit for graph. Different database technologies may be appropriate for different parts of the application

3:40 - Graph is a good choice for cases like navigating relationships or a bill of materials. Plus a sidebar on

6:05 - Sometimes there’s a temptation to use graph to solve a search problem.

7:09 - Dave takes Patrick to school on productionizing graph applications

8:00 - wrapping up



Patrick McFadin

Developer Relationsat DataStax

Dave Bechberger

Chief Software Architectat Gene by Gene