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Apache Cassandra's™ Newest Features with Jake Luciani

Ep. 104 Distributed Data Show

There are not so many developers who joined the Cassandra Community in the very beginning and then never quit. Jake is one of them: he works with the Cassandra community as a PMC Member and leads a team at DataStax Enterprise for almost a dozen years already. Of course, he attended Datastax Accelerate conference and we didn't miss a chance to ask him a few questions about the past and future of Cassandra & DSE!


00:00 Welcome

00:30 How Jake got into the Team Cassandra

01:30 What Jake's team works on right now?

02:15 What's the BigNode project and why it's important?

04:57 Amount of digital data on the Earth

05:45 Three main complications for Big Nodes

06:20 Remote Work: No More Limits

10:40 What's important for you when you hire people?

12:49 Apache Cassandra v4 Release

13:10 Zero Copy Streaming? 

16:18 Virtual Tables: Ops people's best friend

17:50 Async Internode Messaging

22:25 Favourite bug

23:45 Goodbye!



Jake Luciani,

Jake Luciani

at DataStax