Big Data and Blockchain

Distributed Data Show Episode 33

DuyHai Doan leads a discussion with Patrick McFadin and Jeff Carpenter on whether blockchain is a database, how blockchains and distributed databases complement each other,  and what we can learn about distributed systems by looking at blockchain technology. 


1:00 - DuyHai gives a quick introduction to blockchain

3:01 - Patrick explains why blockchain != Bitcoin

3:49 - We discuss whether a blockchain can be considered a type of database 

5:38 - Blockchain limitations: limited transaction throughput and the difficulty of removing errors once they are in the chain

6:54 - Scalability and efficiency challenges of blockchains based on proof of work

8:44 - Techniques for overcoming scalability challenges of the blockchain

11:34 - How blockchains and distributed databases can be used together 

12:39 - If some data moves out of the blockchain, where does it go? How about a log-structured merge tree-style database like Cassandra?

14:23 - On using blockchains for integrity/authenticity

14:47 - What we can learn from blockchain technology in the distributed database world: peer-to-peer protocols and hashing techniques

16:51 - Blockchain and distributed databases will intersect in large scale transactional systems in healthcare, retail and other industries

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