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Cassandra at Netflix and Version 4 Wishlist with Vinay Chella

Ep. 110 Distributed Data Show

Host Aleks Volochnev sits down with Netflix Cloud Database Architect, Vinay Chella to discuss Full Query Logging, how Sidecar makes ops people happy and why Netflix already plans to migrate to version 4? A lot is discussed, so stay tuned!


00:00 Welcome

00:25 Introduction

01:53 Vinay's Talk I @ Accelerate

02:00 Full Query Logging

03:00 Vinay's Talk II @ Accelerate

03:20 What are you working on right now?

03:25 Sidecar

05:40 Performance Monitoring

06:40 Netflix' Technical Blog

07:05 Version Four

08:05 Async Internode Messaging

08:40 Zero Copy Streaming

10:12 Chaos Engineering vs Cassandra

12:15 Working with Apache Community

14:10 An open-source contributions

15:00 How to become a Cassandra Contributor

15:58 Favourite Bug

17:13 Numbers?!

18:17 Data Density

19:20 Thank you!