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5 Steps to an Awesome Apache Cassandra™ Data Model

Datastax Accelerate 2019

"As more customers adopt digital channels over traditional brick and mortar stores and call center channels, there is a need to handle high traffic volume fluctuations, and ability to scale dynamically in a cost-efficient way.

This is a common challenge faced across the industry. Verizon solved this challenge for its wireless OSS/BSS stack using DSE Cassandra and Spark. DSE enabled Verizon to transform its OSS/BSS platform from a legacy mainframe-based monolithic stack to a highly scalable cloud-enabled stack.

This new platform enables better customer experience through high availability and scalability. Verizon was the only major wireless provider that was able to handle the Apple iPhone pre-order volume spike, and was available to take customer orders at 3 a.m. ET when the floodgates were opened. DSE migration addresses the economic scalability and low latency needs of 5G and IoT. In addition to the enhanced customer experience, the DSE migration eliminated 90% of operations cost.

Migration of a large-scale application presents unique challenges that are not encountered in green field development. This presentation focuses on the challenges faced in adopting Cassandra for transactional data that is migrated from traditional RDBMS/mainframe. The presentation will cover details on the data model, data ingestion, and data reconciliation techniques that enables digital transformation."



Patrick McFadin

Patrick McFadin

Developer Relations at DataStax