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Collapsing Data Silos with DataStax Enterprise Multi-Model

DataStax Accelerate 2019

Every company wants to deliver connected customer experiences. IT organizations are collapsing data silos creating a 360° view of a customer to provide insights and actionable business intelligence based on the connected nature of customers not previously apparent. DataStax Enterprise’s multi-model capabilities provide a unique platform to build out these types of applications.

This session will cover how retailers, banks, and government agencies draw on our experiences with enterprise clients. We’ll discuss how to design and implement a successful architecture for Customer 360 applications. We will discuss when and how to leverage Cassandra, Search, and Graph, and how to integrate these different models together. We will review some of the patterns and anti-patterns for building out these applications and in the end, you will walk away with a roadmap to success for your next project.



Brian Hess, Strategic Solution Engineer

Brian Hess

at DataStax

Dave Bechberger

Chief Software Architect at Gene by Gene