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DataStax Enterprise Security, Build Automation, and Operations at Discover Financial Services

DataStax Accelerate 2019

As part of its transformation, including migrating apps to the cloud, Discover Financial Services (DFS) has been exploring solutions using DataStax Enterprise (DSE). In the session Kiran Dronamraju, Principal Engineer and Product Owner for Cloud Data Solutions at DFS, will discuss the DataStax footprint at DFS with a focus on a three-part, secure-fast-reliable concept:

  • Secure: all aspects of access, including shell, user, and transport security
  • Fast: build automation/IaC (Infrastructure-as-Code) for DSE clusters
  • Reliable: DSE’s fault-tolerant architecture and applications

We’ll also discuss the operational aspects of the implementation, including monitoring and alerting, before wrapping up the session with a short discussion on upcoming projects.



Kiran Dronamraju

Principal Engineer at Discover Financial Services