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Day 1 Opening Keynotes

DataStax Accelerate 2019

Developers continue to accelerate change in the world. Every day new tools emerge that help them create better experiences across every aspect of life. Even though easy-to-use tools make it faster to develop better products, building apps that perform regardless of data location, size, and format remains a challenge. Similarly, operations and IT teams responsible for the deployment, upkeep, and support of new applications are simultaneously challenged and supported by new ways to deploy, be it on premises, in the cloud, or with a hybrid approach.

Watch as DataStax CEO Billy Bosworth shares how DataStax is working to make it easier for developers and operators to leverage new technologies and deployment options to accelerate the speed of business transformation, Deloitte Consulting Principal Mark White talks about Deloitte’s multi-model AI solutions on DataStax Enterprise Graph, diving into Deloitte’s MissionGraph and Opioid360 and how they help their clients address some of the most complex real-world problems of today and Judy Meyer, Microsoft VP of WW ISV Business, discusses how Microsoft Azure is helping companies achieve their transformational journey.



Billy Bosworth

Billy Bosworth

at DataStax