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Implementation of a Big Data Architecture for Real-Time Analytics with DataStax Enterprise Graph, Analytics, and Search

In the world of traditional databases Real-Time Analytics provides no architecture. Why? It would inevitably degrade the transactional service of the database and with it the user experience. Another important factor is the scalability and being able to maintain a always online service. If we think of a traditional BI and DW architecture, several steps are involved: we usually have ETLs working to extract the information, populate the Data Warehouse and load the OLAP model, with, in the majority of use cases, a one day delay.

My talk will cover a Big Data architecture that allows Real-Time Analytics to be done in an efficient way. I will be exposing DSE with its different workloads: Analytics, Search, Graph and AlwaysOn SQL feature that will allow SQL queries and also connect a Business Intelligence tool like PowerBI. I will also show how DataStax Studio allows to interact graphically with the data by performing SQL and Gremlin queries.



Joseph Arriola

Principal Consultantat Solcomp