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Live Traffic Capture and Replay in Cassandra 4.0

DataStax Accelerate 2019

Capturing live traffic in a typical micro-services setup is one of the industry standard strategies for various needs including testing, canary, and dark launches, but when it comes to databases, capturing and replaying live traffic is quite challenging but equally critical. Cassandra is one of the few databases which supports a live traffic capture and replay feature out of the box starting with 4.0.

As part of this talk, Vinay Chella will dive deeper into the query logging framework that is introduced in Cassandra 4.0, and the features built on top of this framework, including full query logging, audit logging, and traffic replay. At end of this talk, you will learn how to use audit logging, live traffic capture and replay features in the upcoming release of Cassandra.



Vinay Chella headshot

Vinay Chella

Cloud Data Architect at Netflix