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Managing 400 Billion Requests with Zero Downtime for TurboTax

Intuit, through its flagship product TurboTax, manages an incredibly high volume of data and disparate data sets during tax season: roughly 400 billion requests with zero downtime.

When Intuit began its migration to the public cloud, three technical challenges had to be addressed: Move Intuit’s tax persistence store running on 20+ Apache Cassandra clusters across multiple namespaces to the cloud, maintain zero downtime during the tax season and maintain a fallback option to Intuit’s private data centers

As the team solved for these three challenges, Cassandra proved to be a valuable asset during this journey and a measurable improvement (from 100% manual to 100% automated) in Cassandra automation was achieved. In this talk, we will share our learnings, our automation journey, and how we managed to solve for availability, speed of migration, and fallback.



Achal Kumar

Senior Dev Managerat Intuit

Larry Raab

Principal Engineer/Architectat Intuit