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Metrics for the Masses: When Cassandra Becomes Popular in Your Company

DataStax Accelerate 2019

Since starting with Cassandra in 2014, we’ve grown to 150+ teams using our internal keyspace-as-a-service offering with 1,000+ tables in production, largely in a multi-tenant environment. Keeping track of the metrics that Cassandra exposes became a large operational challenge, but critically important when dealing with multi-tenant clusters.

We'll discuss some of the challenges we’ve faced when providing keyspaces-as-a-service, particularly focused around the importance of metrics with multi-tenant clusters and the associated challenges with collecting, storing, and displaying the metrics.



Samuel Roberts headshot

Samuel Roberts

Middleware Engineer at ING Netherlands

Joost Veldkamp headshot

Joost Veldkamp

Middleware Engineer at ING Netherlands