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Rapid Cloud Development with Spring Boot and Cassandra

Development today is all about getting your apps into the hands of your customers as quick as possible. It is also about keeping your data close to the customer so that the applications are more responsive. Consequently, developers are asked to do more with less resources. Enter into the picture the powerhouse combination of Spring Boot and Apache Cassandra™. Both of these technologies are best of class, with the cloud and global distribution at the heart. Spring Boot brings rapid development of cloud-native applications to the table, which can get a developer from start to production in minutes. Cassandra brings a true active-active globally distributable data store to the party that brings the data to the app, both of which can be close to the customer in a cloud world.

In this talk we will look at Cassandra deployed in the cloud and then walk through the rapid development of Spring Boot applications backed with cloud-deployed Cassandra as a distributed data store to build true cloud-native applications built for global delivery.



Frank Moley

at DataStax