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Speed Up Your Apache Cassandra™ Applications: A Practical Guide to Reactive Programming

We have all introduced more or less functional programming and asynchronous operations into our applications in order to speed up and distribute treatments (e.g., multi-threading, future, completableFuture, etc.). To build truly non-blocking components, optimize resource usage, and avoid "callback hell" you have to think reactive—everything is an event.

From the frontend UI to database communications, it’s now possible to develop Java applications as fully reactive with frameworks like Spring WebFlux and Reactor. With high throughput and tunable consistency, applications built on top of Apache Cassandra™ fit perfectly within this pattern.

DataStax has been developing Apache Cassandra drivers for years, and in the latest version of the enterprise driver we introduced reactive programming.

During this session we will migrate, step by step, a vanilla CRUD Java service (SpringBoot / SpringMVC) into reactive with both code review and live coding. Bring home a working project!



Alexandre Dutra

at DataStax

Cedrick Lunven

at DataStax