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Understanding Apache Cassandra™ Performance Through Read/Write Metrics

For new developers of cloud applications, it is critical to understand what kind of performance they can observe from the Apache Cassandra™ distributed database engine. Unfortunately, oftentimes on the first week of their job, they get thrown into a pile of Cassandra metrics documents, and have to figure out from hundreds of options (many without intuitive names) what are the most important metrics that are relevant to their application performance.

This talk will walk through the most important read and write metrics that are directly related to application performance. We will leverage a number of free and open source tools, as well as enterprise-grade utilities developed by DataStax (such as DSE Metrics Collector) to enhance the general understanding of the performance of a masterless distributed database like Cassandra.

For DataStax customers, the visibility offered by DSE Insights allows them to easily compare CQL application performance side by side with the performance at Cassandra coordinator and storage engine. We will walk through some DSE Insights dashboards to demonstrate how to identify the performance bottlenecks.

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Wei Deng

at DataStax