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DataStax Drivers with Chris Splinter

We talk with DataStax product manager for developer solutions, Chris Splinter about new DSE 6 driver features and peer into bright the future of driver development.

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0:15 - David welcomes Product Manager for Developer Solutions Chris Splinter to the show

0:36 - Chris explains Developer Solutions

1:04 - A little background on Chris Splinter

1:33 - Digging into the DSE 6 drivers

1:56 - Batch mutations added to the DSE Graph fluent API

3:41 - Graph DSL’s for node.js and C#

5:26 - Another big improvement for DSE 6 on the client side is in continuous paging

6:56 - Back pressure mechanism enhancements for DSE 6

7:50 - Improvements really manifest themselves in DSBulk

9:45 - Talking about multi model and using multiple workloads (Core, Search, Graph) with the DSE drivers

11:46 - Unified SQL syntax via CQL for use with DSE Search

14:39 - Using the session object and cluster config to provide multi model support on the client

16:08 - Future work to bring DSE Analytics into the unification fold

16:58 - SparkSQL AlwaysOn is another big improvement in DSE 6

19:20 - We’ve been talking about DSE 6, but what’s coming up in the future?

19:57 - Open Source Java Driver 4 and DSE Java driver 2 are right on the horizon

21:59 - File based driver configuration option to simplify deploying clients

22:56 - Built in request throttling

24:18 - Next major updates for new generation drivers coming for C, C++, C#, and python

26:16 - Feature parity across all of the DSE drivers and how development priorities are considered

27:47 - Next gen architecture in C and C++ to improve threading and performance

29:19 - Is the Graph fluent API the de facto standard and is the string API sticking around?

31:13 - Removing sharp edges that don’t provide much benefit

33:37 - Big effort to improve documentation, create a developer guide, and provide use case examples



Chris Splinter

Product Managementat DataStax

David Jones-Gilardi

at DataStax