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DataStax Java Driver 4.0 with Alexandre Dutra

DataStax Engineer Alexandre Dutra gives us a tour of the new DataStax Java Driver 4.0 and offers some tips for a smooth migration for your Java app.


0:00 - Welcoming Alex to the show

0:23 - Introducing DataStax Java Driver 4.0 / DSE Driver 2.0, released 3/19/2019

0:58 - Why this is a major release - addressing technical debt and adding new features. Removing dependence on Google Guava removes a major pain point

2:28 - Java 8 is the minimum requirement

3:08 - Exciting new features: 1) file-based configuration is a great new alternative to API-based configuration

5:10 - 2) Execution profiles allow you to save groupings of common configuration settings and specify a profile per query

5:58 - 3) Global timeouts allow you to specify a maximum time for a query including retries

6:50 - Migrating from previous driver versions should be straightforward, here's what you need to know: package names have changed, and the Cluster object has been combined into Session, Statement objects are now immutable

9:03 - What's coming in future versions - the Object Mapper will follow in the 4.1 release, featuring compile-time code generation

10:24 - Previewing next week's episode on the Reactive APIs in the new Java Driver.



Jeffrey Carpenter

Developer Relationsat DataStax