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Developer Days Captain's Log: Stardate 47634.44

After running 6 DataStax Developer Days Events in multiple cities around the world,  Patrick McFadin and Cedrick Lunven take a few minutes to wrap up, provide some developer feedbacks and trendy technical subjects before opening perspectives for next year.


00:15 Introduction of Patrick and Cedrick

00:30 Last Developer Day of six in Paris

01:15 Cedrick gives overview of the Developer Days

02:00 Wanted to hear from the developers attending and their use cases

02:45 What's on the minds of developers in late 2018?

02:58 The cloud

03:55 "Its really hard to run in one environment..."

04:23 "You always start with the database..."

05:02 Discussing the live demos

05:47 Doing bad things to the cluster during the live demo

06:43 "Its a very simple demo but its shows a powerful thing..."

07:48 Expanding on the use of Cassandra

08:10 Learning how to use Solr/Search

09:04 "It makes for a lot better experience for developers because..."

09:26 Cedrick discusses is track: Application Development on top of Cassandra

10:03 Discussing the driver

10:47 "Oh! The driver can do all that for me!"

11:10 What drivers are developers using?

11:24 Discussion on Node.js driver

11:46 Discussion on Python

13:27 Networking event/happy hour at the end of each Developer Day

14:20 Where should we have our next Developer Day? What kind of content do you want to see?

14:53 We do these Developer Days inside companies as well

15:27 Wrap up -- leave suggestions below!



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Cedrick Lunven

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