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Application Development with Graph Data with Dr. Denise Gosnell and Dave Bechberger

Denise Gosnell interviews Dave Bechberger live at Data Day Texas regarding challenges when developing Graph based applications, recommendations on approaches to take, and what resources are available for developers new to Graph.


00:42 Challenges for application development with Graph

01:21 Performance issues that dev teams run into when issuing Graph "queries"

02:17 What is branching factor?

03:08 Top 3 recommendations when data modeling with Graph

04:30 Debate over edges or vertices, when to use each?

05:25 "Even in the relational world, everyone loves 3rd normal form until it doesn't work"

06:04 Where do development teams gain skills using Graph databases?

07:21 What kind of resources are recommended when learning gremlin query languages?

08:32 Dave's releasing a new book "Graph Databases in Action"

09:29 Advice on building Graph based applications for production