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Go and Apache Cassandra Joining Forces with Go-Cql


0-0:30 Intro

0:31 Amanda: So lets start this with me correcting myself… I was under the impression that there was no GO driver for DataStax or Cassandra, but I was mistaken. 

1:00 Adron: Yes, developed by the community … 

1:42 Amanda: Can you also use this for DataStax?

Adron: Yes it can….

1:47 Amanda: So let’s take a stepback, talk to me a little bit about Go. Why are people using this in their applications? 

1:50 Adron: Talks about GO being a system lang

3:05 Amanda: Okay makes sense.. its popular

3:18 Adron: Talks about why popular

4:06 Amanda: Okay so back to Go and Cassandra - So I know that the Go driver is around 3 years old, but does it support other versions of Cassandra other than Cassandra 3.0?

4:30 Adron: Yes it does … but ponders on this for 4.0 

5:24-5:31 Amanda: Awesome part of open source 

5:35 Amanda: Okay tell us a little more of the nitty-gitty about this driver? Do it also do automatic detection of clusters?

5:48 Adron: Yes it does…

6:40 Amanda: Asks about type detection 

6:41 Adron: Flows into automatic type detection 

7:47 Amanda: Let’s talk about the paging mechanism with Go-CQL? Is there something unique to the Go driver with paging?

8:34 Amanda: Any final words

8:47 Adron: It is an open source, and isn't officially supported at DataStax ... yet ...If you'd want to help out, there's plenty of TODO work and testing and verification to insure things work against Apache Cassandra v4.0. Some work that I intend to start tackling in the coming days, at least in an endeavor to help coordinate said effort!

10:00 Amanda: More ways to contribute -- not just code

10:32 Amanda: Keep following us on this series, subscribe, and see you next time. 



Amanda Moran

at DataStax

Adron Hall

at DataStax