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Graph Day Preview with Denise Gosnell

This week we will be speaking with Denise Gosnell, a graph expert at DataStax. We will be discussing the excitement around Graph Day conference in San Francisco coming up on 09/15. We will also be discussing how Denise got started with graph, her keynote speech for Graph Day, and her upcoming book! 


0:15 - Amanda:  Welcoming Chief Graph Expect Denise! This is the Preview for Graph Day that will be in SF. I know I am going to learn a lot, and so excited about this talk and Graph Day.

0:45 Amanda: Denise is our super experts! Tell us why you are such a huge fan of graph.

0:50 Denise: Awesome story of registering for classes and had nothing to sign up for her Master's program, only class called “Graph Theory”. Was dreading a class on “theory of bar charts”

1:48 Attended class the first day and her Professor introduced the concept of “thinking of your life as a graph” Whole life changed! Studying for 10 years, passion project. How she likes to think this way to solve problems.

2:18 Amanda: You just said the most amazing thing “Think of your life as a graph” can you tell us more about how you think of your life as a graph? Such a cool way to think.

2:40 Denise: Think of Facebook and how all your friends are nodes and the connections between are edges.

3:30 Denise: Graph properties that our customer models, and its amazing way to think and this is the right time in the industry that you can actually use the technology to do these things.

30 second clip

4:30 Denise: More natural way to think about your problem. Mapping business problems into different data structures. It’s a great time to be in this industry.

4:50 Amanda: Easy for our minds to wrap around graph theory once we make the switch but harder for the techology (graph databases)

5:25 Denise: We are at the beginning of exploring these graph database.

5:49 Denise: Not a fully paved road and exactly what steps to take to move mental model to a distributed database

6:30 Denise: its the right time to be in graph databases and datastax to be really paving the way for the production distributed graph problems

7:00 Denise: Single node is interesting and okay, but there are problems at scale that are across 30 nodes and needs to be queried in real time. And it needs to be solved.

7:38 Amanda : So what is the future of graph? Is it in the cloud? At scale?

7:40 Denise: The future of graph is really around breaking down large problems into solver issues and there is not a tool that solved every issue. Need to get more concrete ways to solve these issue.

8:20 Get more information on use cases so we repeatedly solve these issues as different types of problems

8:40 Densie: Not simple problems, they are exciting but complex.

9:00 Amanda: Let’s shift gears and talk about Graph Day and let’s hear about the keynote!

9:42 Denise: Looking forward to the talk for 2 reasons 1: Found a fun way to introduce these topics and 2: DataStax is sending an awesome crew with other talks

10:15 Amanda: I want to hear more about the keynote as when I read your abstract it had information that is near-dear to my heart “practical” advise.  Can give a sneak peak?

10:43 Denise: Datastax is leading the charge today in building and delivering distributed graphs in production.

11:00 Denise:  Her keynote is around SimCity 2000 and the iterative process it takes to build a city and the iterative tasks it takes to move to graph.

12:25 Denise: Talks about the other talks that will be at graph day at a high level

13:09 Amanda: So excited for graph day, since this week was graph week for me! So today was the perfect day to chat with you!

13:26 Amanda: Tell us about your book!

13:45 Denise: Very excited to be putting together a book around how to digest a mental model and translating that into a model in production

14:30 Denise: Slowly build up in the book from the single view of the customer and how to break down problems that come up when trying to build a graph in production

15:14 Amanda: Sounds like you don’t need to be a graph expert to read the book.

15: 15 Denise: That is the goal. Its for customers that see graph issues but don’t have the expertise to move these problems into production.

16:02 Amanda: Sounds like a book I could read cover to cover!

16:20 Denise: I am looking for editors!!!

16:38 Denise: Looking forward to graph day and meeting with the community of people that all want to solve real world problems

17:17: Amanda: Close out!



Amanda Moran

at DataStax