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Graph Processing Trends with Jonathan Lacefield

Distributed Data Show Episode 54

We sit down with Jonathan Lacefield to discuss the latest trends in graph processing, from DataStax perspective?  Talk through how the challenges being associated with graph are evolving, current tips/tricks, tools being seen, etc.


0:15 - Welcoming Jonathan back to the show and a quick review of his background in product management

1:56 - Jonathan gives us a quick overview of graph database history at DataStax - Aurelius, Titan, Apache TinkerPop, Gremlin, and key figures like Marco Rodriguez and Matthias Broecheler

5:48 - How using Cassandra as the pluggable storage layer for Titan led to the creation of  DataStax Enterprise Graph

8:40 - The natural relationship between graph processing and analytics/graph analytics. Traditionally this has meant extracting operational data to a separate database for graph analytic processing, but DSE Graph supports both operational and analytic queries, and the trend is toward abstracting the operational/analytic choice from the application developer

12:35 - DSE Graph has been in 3 releases: 5.0, 5.1, and 6.0. The trend has been toward improving scalability and ease of use. We’re working toward a unified multi-model architecture in which all data can be accessed CQL, Gremlin and Spark SQL.

17:28 - Problems being solved with graph databases - Customer 360, Authorization, Entity Resolution

22:22 - Future directions for DSE Graph - continued support for multi-model, hybrid cloud, writing data once and accessing through the right API for the job - CQL, SQL, Gremlin

25:33 - Privacy is an emerging use case for graph, especially the ability to give users more selective control over what personal data is maintained

27:37 - Graph query languages like Gremlin, Cypher require a paradigm shift for developers - domain specific languages provide a way to minimize this learning curve

33:20 - DSE 6 is the foundation for a lot of great things for DSE Graph, and we’d really like your feedback on how to make it even better



Jonathan Lacefield Headshot

Jonathan Lacefield

Product at DataStax

Jeff Carpenter Headshot

Jeffrey Carpenter

Developer Relations at DataStax