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Graph Tips and Tricks with Ted Wilmes - Exper

David and Jeff talk with Ted Wilmes from Expero about best practices regarding DSE Graph and the importance of proper data modeling.


0:16 - David goes through introductions and gets an answer about who/what is Expero

0:57 - Expero has the best swag and David realizes his laptop is already wearing some

2:13 - What does Expero help developers understand?

3:55 - Ted explains why core DSE data modeling is so important because everything you do in DSE Graph eventually maps down to your model

4:39 - Potential graph pitfalls from not understanding implications of the underlying data model

6:40 - We dig a little deeper into the how and why some models might cause larger and less performant partitions

10:04 - Temptation to take a logical (whiteboard) drawing and code it directly into the actual data model

11:15 - Ted talks to some other challenges with writing large datasets, data streams, and maintaining a production graph

12:59 - Finding a balance between read and write operations and potentially using a cache to reduce unnecessary reads

14:38 - Performance considerations when dealing with reads

17:04 - Best practices when using indexes in DSE Graph

19:45 - Understanding data model implications are required for performance at scale

21:23 - Parting words on the importance of checking out DataStax Academy and the value of watching some of the intro to Apache Cassandra videos



Jeffrey Carpenter

Developer Relationsat DataStax

David Jones-Gilardi

at DataStax