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Growing Your Developer Skills with Valerie Parham-Thompson

In this industry, showing the drive to expand one's technological skills is crucial. Valerie personifies this drive, and then some. We met with Valerie to discuss all things Cassandra documentation, her love of open source contributions, and some interesting projects she's working on at Pythian.

00:00 Welcome

00:37 How Jake got into the Team Cassandra

01:12 Using Cassandra: a personal or work-based decision?

02:17 Current projects at Pythian

03:47 JMX Tunables

04:57 SSTables: Trials and tribulations

06:50 Any issues with JMX Tunables?

07:23 How much of your workload is consumed with documentation?

08:12 Lessons learned, key takeaways

09:17 Capacity Planning for Cassandra using Facebook Profit

10:08 Wrap up



Valerie Parham-Thompson

Cassandra DBAat Pythian

Cristina Veale

at DataStax