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Introducing DSE 6 with Robin Schumacher

Distributed Data Show Episode 43

Robin Schumacher joins the show to take us behind the scenes of the brand new DataStax Enterprise 6 release, sharing how a focus on customer value, operational simplicity and building a unified platform led to new features like Advanced Performance, NodeSync and many others.


0:15 - Robin Schumacher, SVP of Product at DataStax, shares about his background in databases including product management at Embarcadero and MySQL

3:16 - Robin explains the major strategies behind DSE 6: 1) placing a priority on DSE over OSS, 2) Simplicity and ease of use, 3) moving from an “integrated” platform to a “unified” platform

7:18 - With the Advanced Performance feature, DSE 6 now runs faster and scales better than Apache Cassandra.

9:55 - The new Bulk Loader exceeds capabilities of tools like sstableloader and the cqlsh COPY command, to provide a 4x improvement in load/unload performance

10:47 - DSE Analytics now demonstrates a 3x speedup in analytic query performance

11:38 - Jeff previews future episodes on DSE 6 including thread-per-core (TPC) and nodesync

12:28 - DSE NodeSync dramatically reduces the pain of Cassandra repair operations

15:08 - The new OpsCenter Upgrade Service helps eliminate another major pain point, automating rolling upgrades of minor releases

16:47 - DSE 6 is a more unified product, examples include search-enabled CQL, support for unified authentication in DSE Analytics, and support for Spark SQL in the DataStax Studio developer tool

21:15 - The DSE Managed Cloud white glove service now leverages all the benefits of DSE 6

23:49 - DSE provides an alternative to cloud vendor lock in.

25:40 - Customers who are wary of locking in to DSE should know that DSE pulls from OSS Cassandra and maintains compatibility with it.

28:41 - What we learned from our customers during the DSE 6 early access program.

31:08 - What’s coming in future DSE releases.

33:54 - Wrapping up



Jeff Carpenter Headshot

Jeffrey Carpenter

Developer Relations at DataStax

Robin Schumacher

at DataStax