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Multicloud Networking

In this episode Adron Hall and Jeff Carpenter talk about networking and its inherent complexities and solutions in multi-cloud environments. Lately a lot of discussion has come up around best practices, and in this episode Adron & Jeff also tackle the top three that have been most prominent. We wrap up with a summary, and Adron’s top two tools for multi-cloud work these days.


0:15 - Welcoming guest to the episode…

0:50 - What do we do with networking in a multi-cloud environment?

1:50 - The apples to oranges of AWS vs. GCP vs. Azure. They’re all just so slightly different!

3:00 - Good practices around networking in multi-cloud environment.

3:25 - First: Infrastructure as Code!

4:14 - Two: Abstract your platform tiers; Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, or otherwise.

5:00 - Jeff notes there is indeed a fire, somewhere, that is on fire!

5:15 - Safety first, determine where the fire is! Be careful though don’t just grab the doorknob, check it first!

5:45 - Three: Keep your databases loosely coupled appropriately to your systems and your applications.

8:05 - Knowledge about your environment and findability.

9:00 - Distributed systems problems?

10:00 - Data tier, abstractions on abstractions do provide solutions. From data centers to regions to zones.

11:00 - Summarized the big three, that keep coming up. Get to this point, and now you’re ready to go multi-cloud.

11:36 - Adron’s World, what are the first two tools Adron goes for?



Jeffrey Carpenter

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Adron Hall

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