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Multicloud Security and Compliance

Distributed Data Show Episode 61

Amanda, David, and Adron talk about the challenges associated with moving their KillrVideo reference application to a multi-cloud cluster and the many considerations that come into play when going multi-cloud.


17:22 - “See where providers line up” what is the lowest common denominator

18:55 - Would latency be very different between providers as compared to within a single provider in any given region?

21:15 - “always know what everything is doing”

23:45 - OpsCenter allows homogenous view regardless of cloud provider

24:53 - Ensure to label and identify which providers your data centers and nodes are located in

25:35 - Why would someone span a cluster over multiple providers?

27:32 - Have to be cognizant on where load balancers, name servers, etc... are located

28:38 - Exploring some use cases for multi-cloud clusters

30:02 - Providers become competitors with their clients

30:26 - Moving application and database architecture can take months or years depending on size and complexity

31:06 - Security compliance, intellectual property, tracking, geographic location of data

33:41 - Any database or application needs to take data locality into consideration

34:03 - Replication inherent in Apache Cassandra makes moving data much easier

35:01 - Amanda starts wrapping things up from easy to difficult

36:58 - Things that used to take months or years take minutes today when thinking in terms of cloud compared to procuring hardware and installing software manually



Amanda Moran Headshot

Amanda Moran

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David Jones-Gilardi

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Adron Hall

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