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Performance Heaven with Intel Optane + DSE with Donnie Roberson

Ep. 107 Distributed Data Show

Donnie Roberson of the DataStax Partner team joins the show to talk about the amazing performance results observed in running DataStax Enterprise 6 on Intel's latest generation hardware including the Xeon processors and Optane DCPMM, and when and where you might be able to get your hands on this technology. 


0:00 - Jeff welcomes Donnie to the show and gets distracted by the drone races in the Accelerate expo hall.

1:54 - Donnie came to Cassandra from the Hadoop world and worked on the DataStax support team before making a move into into partner management and working on cool projects like the DataStax Docker images.

2:57 - The DSE 6.0 release in 2018 introduced a Thread Per Core architecture to allocate token ranges to specific cores within each Cassandra node.

4:17 - Intel has recently come out with the newest generation Xeon processors and Optane DCPMM. These two technologies are "a match made in performance heaven".

5:08 - Intel gave DataStax access to a private lab with 4 machines with this new hardware - 364GB RAM, 80 core Intel 2nd generation scalable processors, 2 Optane DCPMM 1.2 GB drives per machine.

5:51 - The workloads tested included 90% reads / 10% writes, 50% reads / 50% writes, 10% reads / 90% writes. On the write heavy test they observed 448 K ops/s (112 K ops/s per node). This is 2x performance over current NVMe drives. Read heavy workloads saw up to 5x performance impovement, with sub millisecond latencies.

7:18 - This hardware is available from Intel now, it will also be coming to Google Cloud Platform within the next couple of quarters.

8:11 - Jeff starts making up architectures on the fly involving Intel, GCP and DataStax Constellation.

9:10 - The highlight of the Accelerate conference for Donnie is the opportunity to meet Cassandra users and DataStax customers.



Jeff Carpenter Headshot

Jeffrey Carpenter

Developer Relations at DataStax

Donnie Roberson Headshot

Donnie Roberson

at DataStax