We talk with Nick Panahi, Product Manager for DSE Search, about the distinction between secondary indexes and search indexes, the challenges of distributed search engines, and future directions for DSE Search.


0:15 - Introducing Nick Panahi, Product Manager for DSE search and “best hair” on the Distributed Data Show

1:00 - Benefits and limitations of Secondary indexes in Apache Cassandra

3:01 - Elements of a distributed search solution and how we do scoring in a distributed fashion

7:14 - Techniques for improving the performance of scatter/gather searches

8:27 - DSE Search as an integration of Cassandra and Apache SOLR

12:13 - Choosing between various search implementations - CQL, Cassandra’s Native 2i, SASI, DSE Search

13:47 - Future options - sliding bar between latency and native CQL search

15:26 - On the history of how SOLR was chosen, the emergence of ElasticSearch, and the focus on Lucene

18:35 - future directions for DSE Search - native CQL search, less SOLR syntax, introduction of the LIKE command

21:13 - availability of CQL commands to create search indexes in DSE 5.1

22:01 - As time runs short, Nick teases other new DSE Search features in areas like aggregation and geospatial so that Jeff invites him back for a future episode



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Jeffrey Carpenter

Director of Developer Advocacy at DataStax

Nick Panahi

at DataStax