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Search with Nick Panahi

We talk with Nick Panahi, Product Manager for DSE Search, about the distinction between secondary indexes and search indexes, the challenges of distributed search engines, and future directions for DSE Search.


0:15 - Introducing Nick Panahi, Product Manager for DSE search and “best hair” on the Distributed Data Show

1:00 - Benefits and limitations of Secondary indexes in Apache Cassandra

3:01 - Elements of a distributed search solution and how we do scoring in a distributed fashion

7:14 - Techniques for improving the performance of scatter/gather searches

8:27 - DSE Search as an integration of Cassandra and Apache SOLR

12:13 - Choosing between various search implementations - CQL, Cassandra’s Native 2i, SASI, DSE Search

13:47 - Future options - sliding bar between latency and native CQL search

15:26 - On the history of how SOLR was chosen, the emergence of ElasticSearch, and the focus on Lucene

18:35 - future directions for DSE Search - native CQL search, less SOLR syntax, introduction of the LIKE command

21:13 - availability of CQL commands to create search indexes in DSE 5.1

22:01 - As time runs short, Nick teases other new DSE Search features in areas like aggregation and geospatial so that Jeff invites him back for a future episode



Jeffrey Carpenter

Developer Relationsat DataStax

Nick Panahi

at DataStax