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Think Like a Support Engineer with Sequoyha Pelletier

Distributed Data Show Episode 50

We talk with support engineer Sequoyha Pelletier about the support team, they’re training gauntlet, and get a bunch of tips and tricks to use in troubleshooting clusters and submitting support tickets.


0:16 - David introduces Sequoyha Pelletier to the Distributed Data Show

0:42 - Sequoyha gives an overview of the support team experience

1:35 - Common issues support handles regularly

4:02 - Data modeling challenges and the largest partition contest

5:49 - DSE clients should engage the services team when they first dive into DSE

6:36 - How to become a support engineer, training gauntlet, and Sequoyha playing chaos monkey with engineer clusters

11:07 - Best tips on useful information to provide in support tickets

13:03 - When issues occur ensure to take a look at logs and submit those with tickets

15:47 - Good tools to use when troubleshooting a cluster and definitely learn about nodetool

18:46 - A possible Modern Family reference because David gets stopped in the airport all of the time



David Jones-Gilardi Headshot

David Jones-Gilardi

at DataStax