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Data-Driven, Digitally Transformed - Lessons From Leaders

We’ve known for some time that the future of business is digital. Now we are seeing more and more that the future of every digital business is data-driven because the core competencies of each strategy complement and reinforce each other.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • Three-quarters of organizations that identify as ‘highly advanced’ on both ‘digital transformation’ and ‘progress toward the data-driven enterprise’ have increased their pace of innovation as a result of the changes they’ve made to adapt to the pandemic.
  • A majority of these enterprises attribute at least 10 percent of revenue to data and analytics.  For these data-driven enterprises, alignment across corporate strategy, digital transformation plans, and data strategy is paying off. 
  • These leaders are nearly twice as likely to identify both ‘strategy’ and ‘technology’ infrastructure as competitive advantages as compared to organizations that are at the earliest stage of both journeys.


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