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Data Modernization - A Future State

The explosion of data workloads from customer-engaged applications and streaming IoT devices has given the monolithic architecture a verdict: too slow, too unscalable, and too prone to failure. Modernization promises to overturn this verdict. However, SQL databases that are part of the monolithic architecture have been so overburdened with complex business logic and abused as a central point of application integration that they compromise application performance and business agility.

DataStax architects argue for a modernization approach that considers not only the application, but also the data side. The approach transforms business logic complexity into domain-specific microservices that can be managed by small teams and orchestrated saga-style in runtime. They argue for a modern data stack, and propose a battle-tested SQL-to-Cassandra migration methodology and toolset. Backed by real-world case studies, this approach improves application performance and the business agility to bring innovations to market by multiple folds.


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