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DataStax Astra TCO

DataStax Astra offers significant cost savings, up to 81% for smaller compute tier, 72% for medium compute tier and 59% for advanced/large compute tier (on an average 71% cost savings across all tiers) over a period of one-year.

DataStax Astra gives you the freedom to match compute and database capacity to the usage pattern, which saves money and scales to meet your performance objectives. 

With DataStax Astra you can create an instance of a database in AWS, or GCP, or Azure in minutes, literally, and the service is ready to accept API requests from applications. DataStax Astra provides the ability to develop and deploy data-driven applications with a cloud-native service at global scale, without the hassles of database and infrastructure administration.

Here are the identified benefits beyond TCO with DataStax Astra:

  • No hardware costs
  • NoOps - No people costs to install, manage, scale and upgrade software or hardware 
  • Scale up without incurring acquisition or labor costs
  • Automated tuning and configuration- Radically simplify database operations
  • Pay for consumption only 
  • Multi-Cloud Capabilities prevent lock-in and enable data sovereignty
  • Improved Time to Market
  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • Improved Economics
  • Workload Flexibility at global scale

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