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Modernizing Transformational Data Platforms

Enterprises face a challenge of a diverse set of applications that each have their own approach and tools to deal with data.  There is a need for a flexible yet powerful data platform that provides a familiar set of APIs and capabilities around data while allowing developers to use the language and framework of their choice to build their applications without requiring them to become experts on operating a database.  As older applications are modernized to take advantage of cloud based architecture, developers need a simple and consistent way to provide the data capabilities to their applications without the overhead of complex database management concerns. With DataStax Astra DB, a database-as-a-service, enterprises can can now be benefited from a managed service that provides:

  • Accelerated development: With Astra DB, developers can quickly access a cloud native data platform with all of the power of Cassandra in less than 5 minutes. 
  • Availability via APIs:  Developers prefer to be abstracted away from the particular data technology and utilize standard API approaches such as REST, GraphQL, or other common API approaches. Astra DB supports all of these developers where they are so they can use the approach most familiar and helpful for their application.
  • Flexible platforming: With Astra DB, you can quickly and easily develop against a cloud native platform, and later you may choose to take this application to production that may include multiple public or private cloud environments or even on-prem with a hybrid on-prem and cloud deployment leveraging standard Cassandra capabilities.   
  • Complete No-Ops flexibility:  Astra DB brings all of this power and does not require any additional effort around provisioning instances, maintaining database software, or managing infrastructure upgrades and maintenance.  Developers focus on innovation, and Astra takes care of the operations.

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